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Book Name- Origins Reconsidered

Author- Richard E. Leakey

Publisher- October 1st 1993 by Anchor (first published September 1st 1992)

Genre- Anthropology/ Non-fiction

The title of the book has been aptly provided, as in this particular piece of work the author Richard E.Leakey proficiently reconsiders some of his thoughts and ideologies related to the human origin which were mentioned in his previous book called “Origins” published in 1977. The book Origins Reconsidered has been divided categorically into five sections, each section has again been divided into two or more parts. These sections describe the journey endeavored by the author and his colleagues in search of a human fossil, in the Turkana Basin.

In the beginning of the book the Leakey has provided us readers with a prologue of his previous journey and book. He has also written about the thoughts and incidents which led him to write this second book. In the first section called “In search of Turkana” the author has recorded the various difficulties , that he and his colleagues had to face while travelling in search of the Turkana boy. For some part of the journey his wife and children had not only accompanied them, but his wife also played a major role in arranging bone fragments for further investigation. The later chapters and sections describe his inner turmoil and dilemma considering his previous thoughts related to origin of the humans and changes in them . He has drawn attention to the complexities of Homo erectus , the difficulties and adventures possible during any excavation and also various ideologies of religion, language, art and culture. Apparently he met with an accident during the excavation which was the major turning point in his thoughts. This book was one of the masterpieces created by him during his stay in the hospital.

This book really is a great read, I would recommend every aspiring Anthropologist as well as Palaeoanthropologist to go through this book once.