In the era of infodemic culture, we people seem to forget our moral responsibility and slowly and steadily pushing humanity into the end. Social media use as a primary weapon for this heinous crime.

To combat this alarming problem every nation needs to set up a dedicated research infrastructure to overcome these serious social, economic, health, and political problems. Let us try to understand the significance of social research in a very lucid manner.

As I mentioned, since these problems deal with the human being, who is considered as the most unpredictable and undependable creature in behavior, therefore, finding the truth is not a matter of joke. Several instances happened in past where a single wrong/misinformation turns out to be a reason for the misfortune of millions of people. Hence we need a systematic, intelligent and practical solution for this issue. Today it is worldwide accepted that identification, as well as solution of the social problems, lies upon extensive and proper use of social methods. Moreover, these methods help us by illuminating facts.

So the primary question is What is Social Research?

There are several definitions you may find over on this, but according to many scholars, the most reliable one is “Social research is the systematic method of discovering the new facts or verifying the old facts, their sequences, interrelationships, casual explanations and the natural laws which govern them ” by P.V. Young. Adding with this here I want to add one more definition by Prof. Clifford Moody, who said “Social research comprises defining and redefining problems; formulating hypotheses or suggested solutions; collecting, organizing and evaluating data; making deductions and making conclusion; and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit formulated hypothesis.”   

Now, the second question should be Why we need Social Research?

  • Good research can excavate a good amount of facts. Quality research can be utilized to formulate public policy and schemes. That not only breaks the doubts or myths rather enhancing the holistic development of the society. Again, research helps to open new ideas, knowledge and removing the rubbish and incapable theories.
  • As a matter of fact is, in developing nations the problems are too complex in nature, to deal with it; interdisciplinary research (socio-health, socio-political, socio-economical etc.) approach needs to be undergone to fix it. Without reliable data and its proper analysis, it will not be possible to understand the magnitude of the problem and its possible solution.  
  • For a healthy society, it is very important to take up social research as a part of daily life. It should not be limited to academician, research scholar or professionals. A habit for identifying problems and finding its solution should be incorporated from school days activities. Again, checking of facts, analysis of public or government reports should be a part of the curriculum in higher studies.

It is important to note that the primary motive of social research should be focused on synchronizing the dynamic culture sphere followed by maintaining social harmony in the society. Hence, good research infrastructure is highly needed for a nation through adequate funding, research experts and public awareness. Last but not least, I believe researches are the backbone for a nation to run, develop and evolve.   

Reference : Theory and Practice in Social Research by Hans Raj