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By far this is one of the most important element in a fieldwork. Right after we reach our field work , we are asked to make an initial visit to the field . Then and there we are able to observe lots of things, if our field location is a village, then the first thing we will start searching for is the boundary of the village, its peripheral areas, where the village starts and where it ends. This is the time we should focus on the classes which were taken to prepare us for the field. During one of those sessions the professor must have concentrated on Direct Observation.

Do we already know what it is? If yes then lets take a recap of the topic, The direct or non participant observation method is a research technique the researcher watches the subjects of his or her study, with their knowledge, but without taking an active part in the situation under scrutiny. It is simply the watching and noting down of the phenomena as they occur in the nature with reference to their cause and effect or mutual relationship. It is possible to study the village plan, habitation pattern, flora and fauna by this method.

Isn’t it something familiar, something you guys have already practiced in the field or might have discussed in the field . So after you enter the field , what you have to do is keep an eye on every landmark, the water sources, the bends of the road which will later help you while drawing the village map.