Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology and what else? Let’s see yes there’s prehistoric anthropology, linguistic anthropology, yup these are the ones.

Are we completely done? no. The above mentioned are the core branches of Anthropology, excluding these, there are numerous sub-branches of the subject. Anthropology is such a subject which has been spreading its wings since it was a wee baby. It started with the evolution of humans and now it has reached a level where we study almost each and every aspect of earth, minimally related to the humans in Anthropology.

Let’s begin with something new and something old:

1. Anthropology of Religion– This is the branch of anthropology, which is very old, dating back to almost 18 the century. For more information on this sub-branch please click here.

2. Anthropology of Monsters and Supernatural- Quite a dramatic name. This is one of the youngest sub-branches of Anthropology. It is mainly a spin-off of the aforementioned sub-branch.

It’s a brand new course /sub-branch which will start at McMaster University, Canada. You will find the link here.

In this sub-branch, students will be introduced to various folklore from different parts of the world, which are related to supernatural beings and their roles in various societies and cultures.

The focus will be on specific supernatural beings like Vampires, Jinn, Elves, Masalai and many others. The study is going to be a four-fold one focusing on the context of all subfields of anthropology and related disciplines.

To be continued…