Career, according to the Oxford Dictionary refers to:

  1. Course or progress through life history,
  2. Way of making a livelihood and advancing oneself, and
  3. Personal advancement and success in life.

In respect to Anthropology,

The Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI) that was established in December 1945, has now grown into the world’s biggest anthropological organization with the largest number of professional anthropologists and scholars of allied disciplines working in it.

It may relevantly be noted here that anthropology can be pursued both as a professional career as well as liberal education. Margaret Mead (1967) opines that anthropology is peculiarly fitted to fill a tremendous need in liberal education. It tries to conjoin, rather than fragment, the knowledge of man.

Here we illustrate some good career options in Anthropology:

Serial No.

 Position / Designation

Possible Organisation

1 Anthropologist Anthropological Survey of India
2 Archivist Archives of different types
3 Bank Development Officer Commercial Banks. World Banks
4 Community Development Officer Relevant Government Department / Projects
5 Community Health Educator Directorate of Health , N.G.O., W.H.O.
6 Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) UNICEF sponsored projects.
7 Development Officer/ Field Officer L.I.C.I and allied organisation
8 District Research Officer Tribal Research Institute
9 Education Officer Central Board of Worker’s Education, N.C.E.R.T., UNESCO
10 Labour Welfare Officer Relevant Government Department, Industries, ILO.
11 Linguist Institutes of Languages, Relevant Government Departments.
12 Marketing Researcher Marketing Research Organisations, Mass Media Organisations, Commercial Banks, World Banks.
13 Medical Anthropologist Directorate of Health, ICMR, UNICEF, WHO
14 Museum Keeper Museums of different types and levels.
15 News Correspondent Mass Media Organisation
16 Rural Development Officer Relevant Government Department/ Projects
17 Social Scientist Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, Council for Social Development
18 Social Worker NGOs
19 Teacher/ Professor/ Researcher Teaching Institute/Colleges /Universities/ Research Institutes
20 Urban Planner Relevant Government Departments.

So above are some relevant career options one can go for with anthropology as background.


Inspired by : Anthropology In India.