In Anthropology we wonder how life appear on earth? Who are we? From where we came? Well things were not so simple, and it is yet to reveal. But in course of time we proposed hypothetical theories based on scanty evidences. So, let us take a quick look on “organic evolution” in a very simple way.

Man’s first appearance on the earth is a wonderful happening. The creation of the earth itself is also a mystery. It so happened that the sun, in its courses, came nearer to a star many times larger than the former owing to some natural reasons. As a result of the grater planetary attraction certain gaseous substances came out of the body of the sun, the gaseous substances that came out of the body of the sun began to lengthen and cool down. After some time, it gave rise to nine rounded bodies the planets. The earth is a plant of this kind. after a long time, when the conditions became favorable, life appeared on the earth. From the geological and palaeontological evidences, we can easily say that the first life on the earth was a unicellular simple organism e.g amoeba. Gradually in prolonged period, the simple unicellular organism attained complex forms changes in structure and ultimately gave rise to the most complex type of animal, the man. The process by which the simple and homologous organism gradually became complex and heterogeneous, is known as the organic evolution.