A big discussion I am about to hold over here and it’s possibly going to be a lengthy one, some phases of my country which would be spoken about might abase your opinion.

Well this is completely my opinion and based on real sources.

Starting with our home. I would like to pull your focus towards the house hold chores. You would think ‘ what does house hold chore have to do with our culture?’ There’s a huge connection. Indians have had the tradition of maintaining domestic workers for quite a long time now.

In Tripti Lahiri’s book Maid In India she mentioned that in 1991 there were nearly 740,000 domestic workers , which increased to 16.2 lakh workers in 2001. Now we must understand that in that periodic gap the number of educated Indians increased greatly.

In 2001 there were more than 10.3 million child labours in India , out of which 70% were female. Even though an act was passed in 1986 against child labour yet people managed to maintain their whims, specially the upper class , who are educated enough to understand the law.

With domestic workmanship comes the add on abuse, may be it sexual, mental or physical. There are lots of incidences where we get hear about maids being tortured by owners, yet they keep their mouth shut in fear. They are afraid to approach the NGOs or are probably banned from moving out of the house.

We still have a tradition where the maids are not allowed to sit in the same table as us and may even have separate utensils. Why do we have to maintain this sort of etiquette, we pay them they work for us it’s a business, common I don’t think you would have your business partners then why the segregation with your helpers?

What do you say about this culture which we have maintained till date?